The right action, with the right intent, in the right direction
This is what Lord Krishna, the divine physician teacher, explained to Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra.

This is what Haryana Medical Journal (HMJ), the official publication of Indian Medical Association Haryana Chapter, strives to do as well. Covering a wide spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic sciences, HMJ publishes editorials, original articles, reviews, brief communications and case reports. These provide the reader with comprehensive coverage of contemporary as well as cutting edge medical science. HMJ has published manuscripts not only from Haryana and other states of India, but abroad as well.

Under the far sighted editorship of Dr Ashok Taneja (Gurgaon), supported by Associate Editors Dr. Kapil Midha and Dr. V. K. Gupta, HMJ has published special issues on Diabetes and Thyroid disorders. Both these conditions are now endemic to our state.

Haryana is known as the land where the first endocrine pharmaceutical supplement was invented. This was at Dhosi Hill, in Narnaul District, where the Raj Vaidyas, the Ashwin brothers, prepared Chyavan prash to rejuvenate the aging Rishi Chyavan.
In a similar manner, HMJ hopes to rejuvenate continuing (and current) medical education in the state, by providing its readers with an opportunity to expand, and revise, their information and knowledge.

At IMA Karnal, we feel privileged to host the e-version of HMJ from 2017 onwards. We feel humbled, yet proud, to fulfil the mandate of making our state journal accessible to a global audience. The open access model, with no user fee for either author or reader, helps in universal dissemination of medical knowledge. This, in turn, contributes to better clinical care and outcomes. In its small way, therefore, IMA Karnal hopes to be able to contribute to betterment of human health across the world.

With the right action and intent, we hope, HMJ readers, and IMA Karnal will be able to grow together, in the right direction.

Gagan Kaushal, President, IMA Karnal
Sanjay Kalra, Guest Editor, HMJ; IMA Karnal

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