A hospital list can come in handy in times of emergency. Using the search box, one can easily shortlist hospitals catering for a particular speciality or located in a particular area.

Hospital Name
Contact Numbers
Aas Ultra SoundSector 13Radiology2202688
Aashirwad HospitalSector 7Pediatric Surgery, Gynaecology4037999
Aggarwal Family ClinicKunjpura Road General2267824
Aggarwal HospitalCivil Hospital Psychiatry2207081
Aggarwal HospitalPurshottam Garden ENT2207048
Ajmani HospitalCivil Hospital Medicine, Gynaecology2207582
Amar Child HospitalSector 6 Pediatrics, Gynaecology, Medicine2285556
Amrit Dhara HospitalChaura Bazar Medicine, Gynaecology2252774, 2254728
Archana HospitalAshoka ColonySurgery4033777
Arogyam HospitalKunjpura RoadPulmonology, Hematology4047880
Arora Eye & Laser CentreSector 7 Ophthalmology4036258
Arvind Bhai HospitalAshoka Colony Pediatrics, Neurosurgery2205060
Atreja HospitalNovelty Road General, Gynaecology2271854
Atreja HospitalKunjpura RoadGeneral2274768
B. D. Skin HospitalRandhir LaneDermatology2206644
Bambha Ultra SoundSector 13 Radiology2242453
Bathla HospitalKunjpura Road Psychiatry2200578, 2203698
Bathla Skin Care CentrePurshottam Garden Dermatology2206060
Bharat X-Ray & Ultra SoundSector 13 Radiologist2201280
Bharti HospitalModel Town Endocrinology, Gynaecology2268584
Bhatia Ortho hospitalPurshottam Garden Orthopedics2206161
Bhatnagar Eye HospitalCivil Hospital Ophthalmology2207169
Bhutani HospitalSector13 Medicine, Pediatrics2207289
Capital ENT HospitalRandhir LaneENT2252226
Child Care CentreBus StandPediatrics2201227
City Ortho HospitalMughal Canal Orthopedics2205511
City Ultra SoundKunjpura Road Radiology, Pathology2206489
Civil HospitalCivil HospitalMultispeciality
Cygnus HospitalRailway RoadMultispeciality
Dhall ENT HospitalCivil Hospital ENT2267903
Dr. Ashok Gupta HospitalAshoka Colony Orthopedics2206347
Dr. Balbir Chaudhary HospitalSector 14 Medicine2205385
Dr. G. D. Sharma HospitalCivil Hospital Medicine2252401, 2255945
Dr. Gian Bhushan HospitalKunjpura Road Medicine2204820, 2204821
Dr. Kiran Bajaj Skin & Laser CentreAshoka Colony Dermatology7206009777
Dr. Kuldeep SinghMughal CanalMedicine2207178
Dr. R. A. MittalKunjpura RoadDermatology2283459
Dr. Renu Aggarwal Maternity HospitalSector 14 Gynaecology2205081
Dr. Sandeep Chaudhary HospitalRandhir LaneMedicine2257777
Dr. Shayamal Sen Child HospitalSector 13 Pediatrics2205475
Gandhi HospitalAshoka ColonyMedicine, Dermatology2206622
Garg Nursuing HomeRailway Road Surgery2270665
Girdhar Joint & Bone hospitalSector 14 Orthopedics2207399
Guru Diagnostic CentreJarnailly Colony Radiology2202208
Guru Nanak HospitalRandhir Lane Orthopedics, Gynaecology2251616
Happy Family HospitalSector 6Medicine, Pediatrics4046999
Haryana Nursing HomeSector 14 Orthopedics2258069
Haryana Nursing HomeSector 14 Surgery, Gynaecology2201587
Jagdamba HospitalOld Subzi MandiSurgery, Radiology2272855
Jaipur Child HospitalKunjpura RoadGeneral9896079461
Jindal Burn & Plastic Surgery HospitalMall Road Plastic Surgery, Ophthalmology2261313
Jindal Skin HospitalPurshottam GardenDermatology4023794
Josan X-ray & Ultra SoundSector 13 Radiology2206582
Kakkar Eye HospitalModel Town Ophthalmology2265485
Kalyani HospitalCHD CityMultispeciality
Kamal HospitalSector 13 Surgery, Gynaecology2207270
Kapoor HospitalSector 6 2281028
Karan HospitalJarnailly Colony General, Surgery2207285
Karnal Medical CentreSector 7 ENT, Pediatrics2270202
Karnal Nursing HomeAshoka Colony Surgery2254618, 2252343
Lamba Care HopitalSector 14 Medicine2274811
Life Care HospitalSector 7 Medicine, Gynaecology2282999, 2282499
Life Line Path LabCivil Hospital Pathology2266585
Madhu Chaudhary HospitalSector 13 Medicine, Gynaecology2203226
Mann ClinicHansi Road General7206044498
Medline HospitalAshoka ColonyOrthopedics, Gynaecology6507777
Miglani Nursing HomeKunjpura Road Surgery, Urosurgery2253461
Mimani HospitalSector 14Pediatrics, Gynaecology4040051
Mittal Chest & T.B HospitalRandhir Lane Chest2257605
Monga Nursing HomeKunjpura Road Surgery, Orthopedics, Gynaecology2204045
Mool Chand Kidney HospitalSector 13 Urosurgery2202444
Nanda ClinicRam Nagar General2290777
Navjeevan HospitalCivil Hospital Surgery2207063
Neera Garg HospitalJarnailly Colony Surgery, Gynaecology2256694
Neha Garg HospitalJarnailly Colony Surgery2251183, 2254256
New Apolo HospitalSector 13 General2200811
Noor medical centreSector 6Medicine, Gynaecology2285556
Paras Nursing HomeSector 7 Surgery, Medicine, Gynaecology4030341, 4030740
Parmar Child HospitalPurshottam GardenPediatrics2207676
Raj ClinicRam Nagar General2240733
Rama HospitalCivil HospitalCardiology2267000
Rana Path LabsSector 13Pathology2267334
Ranjana PolyclinicSector 7 Medicine, Gynaecology2284760, 2283760
S. B. Allergy CentreSector 6Chest, Gynaecology2201095
S. S. HospitalSector 14Medicine2206000
Sachdeva HospitalSector 12 Surgery, Gynaecology2267235
Sadhbhawna HospitalKunjpura RoadPsychiatry4040372
Sameer Aggarwal HospitalRandhir LaneNeurosurgery2404230
Saraswati NaterlayRandhir LaneOpthalmology2251820
Sarvodaya HospitalMeerut Road Gastroenterology, Pediatrics2200558
Satyam Ultra soundCivil HospitalRadiology2205305
Sehgal X-ray & Ultra SoundSector 13 Radiology2206354
Seth hospitalSector 12 Surgery2268808
Sh. Ram Chander HospitalRandhir Lane Medicine2258111, 2258112
Shri Hari HospitalAshoka Colony Orthopedics, Medicine, Urosurgery, Neurosurgery, Gynaecology, Ophthalmology2253322
Shubhl Ultra Sound CenterSector 13 Radiology2204101
Singhal Child & Maternity HospitalSector 13 Pediatrics, Gynaecology2206351
Singhal HospitalKaithal Road General
Sood Hospital & Maternity HospitalMeerut Road General, Gynaecology2252939
Sudershan Child HospitalSector 13 Pediatrics2202183
Sumanlata Gupta HospitalRailway RoadPediatrics, Gynaecology2272565
Surya HospitalKunjpura Road Surgery, Gynaecology2253645 2253645
Sushil Garg Eye & Maternity HosptalSector 13 Ophthalmology, Gynaecology2204128
Tagore HospitalSector14 Surgery, ENT5032629
Thakur Eye & Maternity hospitalKunjpura Road Ophthalmology, Gynaecology2202880
Thakur HospitalBus StandPediatrics, Gynaecology, General2200446
Uttam HospitalSector14 Surgery, Pediatrics2200744
Virk Hospital Pvt. Ltd.Randhir Lane Orthopedics, Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Opthalmology2270332, 2269073