Diabetes Education Forum (later changed to Foundation – DEF), Allahabad was founded in 2001 when it also launched its quarterly publication which was christened “Madhumehika” by our then Vice President and Patron, late Mr RN Srivastava.

Madhumehika is distributed free of cost to almost 7000 life members (and growing). It endeavours to educate and update the public about different aspects of diabetes using both Hindi and English. Each Madhumehika is theme based, pertaining to the previous camp conducted. Each largely attended quarterly camps focuses not only on diabetes – from lifestyle to self-monitoring to complications to nuances of insulin to hypoglycemia to diabetes in women, but also any situation that people with diabetes may encounter throughout their lifespan– from infections to hormone problems to ACS to organ transplantation to anesthesia and surgery to mental and social health. The theme for World Diabetes Day is always on a different note – whether it is organizing a play, hosting a fun-filled picnic, a rally, yoga camp or cultural program. Camps are held across the city, state and neighbouring states.

The key messages of Madhumehika are : for diabetics about empowerment through education on a continuum; for the general public to understand the serious impact of diabetes and know, where possible, how to avoid or delay diabetes and its complications.

The challenge is to keep the flow of articles coming, economic sustainability and postal hurdles. Its smooth delivery is ensured by the current editor Dr Shanti Chaudhri who is not only versatile, but irrepressible and irreplaceable.

Team DEF and Madhumehika work tirelessly in the battle to stop the onslaught of diabetes. You may read the magazine online at the below mentioned links.

Madhumehika Jan-Mar 2016

Madhumehika Apr-Jun 2016

Madhumehika July-Sep 2016

Madhumehika Oct-Dec 2016

Contributed by:

Dr Sarita Bajaj
MD (Medicine), DM (Endocrinology, AIIMS)
Director-Professor and Head, Dept of Medicine
MLN Medical College, Allahabad
President RSSDI (2016 onwards)
President API (UP Chapter 2016 onwards)